Acknowledgements, New Contributions

09/10/2010 23:40

Dear visitors of the A CLOUD-A-DAY website!

First of all, I would like to thank to many of you for your support of this project.

Dr James Holt from Washington State University has graciously released some conceptual documents in PowerPoint for the purpose of this website for all to benefit. You can find them in the ABOUT CONFLICTS section in the article Simple, Harder and Tough Conflicts. Dr Holt also provided an interesting conflict case study An Expert’s Conflict.

I am also very thankful for the support by the TOC for Education (TOCFE), namely to Kathy Suerken and Alan McTavish for announcing of launching the A Cloud-a-Day website in the TOCFE offical journal TACTics, October Issue. It is hoped that cooperation with members of TOCFE will bring many more valuable contributions to this website.

This week, two other conceptual articles have been also published:

  • To Think Clearly, or Not To Think. THE CHOICE Is Yours is a presentation of core ideas of THE CHOICE book by Dr Goldratt. The article shows the critical role of ability to solve conflicts effectively and without compromising for THINKING CLEARLY, and consequently for LIVING A FULL, MEANINGFULL LIFE.

  • The second one To Change, or Not To Change? An Introduction is published as an introduction to the core area of conflicts resolution - DEALING WITH CHANGE. Within the frame of the article, you can watch the six minutes educational video Overcoming Resistance to Change - Isn't It Obvious?

Among new contributions on the website, you can also find two conflict case studies:


At the moment, Czech visitors only can read the article presenting the To Have or To Be? dilemma based on the book by Erich Fromm.


Best regards,

Petr Zitnik
Website Editor


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