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18/10/2010 02:08

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What new has been published this week?


Dr Soshi Reiter shared with us two articles that have been published this week:

Shoshi is an Education Professional. She lives in Israel, and is dedicating her efforts in the field of human development. She runs an organization named ‘TOC for Human Development’, that is training students in self regulation and leadership. She developed a program of using the GTP on multiple intelligence, coaches individuals and institutions in using Theory Of Constraints philosophy and tools.

I would highly appreciate another contributions like this and would be very pleased to publish them on this website.


You can think also about two interesting conflicts that can be seen in the field of business:

You can get acquinted with various types of problem clients presented on a material provided by the XPLANE company.

This article may be interesting both for Sales people as well as for Project Managers.


Although the website has quite many visitors, only a few have participated in discussions, so far. In order to show how such a "Cloud discussion" could look like, a "Model Cloud Case Study" has been prepared. The story is taken from the TOC Thinking Processes classic, the book It's Not Luck by Eli Goldratt.


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